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  • Maintaing a full Lineof green cleaning products
  • Everything you need for all aspects of building maintenance
  • We are a leading supplier to educational facilities
  • Experts in providing solutions for complex industrial cleaning
  • Servicing Commerical Kitchens with equipment and dishwashing products
  • Full warehouse of cleaning products available for delivery
  • Experts in providing service and products to healthcare and longterm care facilities
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Equipment Manuals

Please use the links on this page to find your product manual. If you your are unable to find your machine on this list, please call us at (800) 872-5421 and we will assist you.


Air Blowers
Air Mover
Air Mover 2
Mach III
Puma Air Mover
ACE 20B1 Auto Scrubber
ACE 20BA Auto Scrubber
ACE 20C AutoScrubber
ACE 20T Auto Scrubber
ACE 26BA1 Auto Scrubber

ACE 26T Auto Scrubber
ACE 26T1 Auto Scrubber
AutoScrubber Model 20B
Panther 18C AutoScrubber
Panther 20B AutoScrubber
Back Pack Vacuums
Pro-Team Supercoach Vac
Pro-Team Tail Vac
Pro-Team Quarter Vac
Speedster 600 & 1000
Apex BB-2 Battery Burnisher
Battery Burnisher Model BB-1
Propane Burnishers Models TR-21, TR-24, TR-27
Propane Burnishers (20 hp engine) models TR-21, TR-24, TR-27
Cheetah DC 2000 UHS Burnisher
Cheetah 1500 UHS Burnisher
Carpet Care Equipment
Achiever 40
Achiever 110
Bobcat 10 Carpet Extractor
Hi-Flow Carpet Extractor
Q-1500 Burnisher
Scepter PE 50 Extractor
Scepter PE 120 Extractor
PS-3 Power Spotter 3
PS-4 Power Spotter 4
Wildcat Carpet Spotter
Floor Machines
Cougar 17" & 20" Floor Machines
Deluxe, Hi-Speed & Ultra Hi-Speed Floor Machines

Q-Line Floor Machines
XL Floor Machines

Manual Sweepers Model CS-21, MS-29
Vacuums - Single Motor Uprights
ProSpec HD100 Upright Vacuum
ProSpec Clean-Air Filtration AF6
ProSpec Clean-Air Turbo Power AF9
ProSpec C12
ProSpec CTR Contractor Vacuum
ProSpec E12 Lightweight Vacuum
ProSpec RD4TF

Vacuums - Two Motor Uprights
ProSense II
ProSense X2
ProTwin Deluxe
Pro-Team Proforce 1500XP

Vacuums - Large Area Models
Large Area Vacuum Model LAV-30

Vacuums - Canister Models
Stainless Steel Canister Vacuum Model SC-19

Wet/Dry Vacuums
Black Cat 18 FMS Wet/Dry Vacuum
Stainless Wet/Dry Vacuum SV-12
Wet/Dry Poly Vacuum PV-12, PV-18, PVS-18