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Aerosols Hand Dryers
Brooms & Brushes Ice Melter
Carpet Care Products Mats & Matting
Dilution Control System - Navigator Odor Control
Cleaning Products Personal Protective Products
EarthCare™ Products Restroom Care
Equipment Skin Care
Floor Care Stone Care
Floor Pads Towel & Tissue / Wipers & Cloths
Graffiti Removal Products Wood Floor Care


Professional Aerosols (CS-120)
Journey Aerosol Literature (CS-122)
Pinnacle Metered Air Care System (CS-148)
Air Deodorizers

Air Deodorizers (Metered)
Barbershop Metered Dry Air Freshener
Baseboard Cleaner
Carpet Spot Remover
Censor Vandal Mark Remover
Chalkboard and Whiteboard Cleaner
Chewing Gum Remover
Citrapeel All Purpose Cleaner
Clear Day Glass Cleaner
Contact & Circuit Board Cleaner III
Contact & Circuit Board Cleaner IV
Country Candle Metered Dry Air Freshener
Country Fresh Carpet Refresher Dry Air Freshener
Creamy Lemon Wax Furniture Polish
Disinfectant Deodorant
Double Action Crack and Crevice
Drain Maintainer 2
Dry Air Fresheners (Hand-Held)
Dry Air Fresheners (Metered)
Dual Power Disinfectant
Dust Mop Treatment
Flying Insect Spray
Foam Disinfectant Cleaner
Glass Cleaner
HD Glass Cleaner
Insect Spray
Jelled Vandal Mark Remover
Journey Baseboard Stripper
Journey Dust Mop Treatment
Journey Furniture Cleaner & Polish
Journey Glass & Surface Cleaner
Journey Heavy-Duty Multi-Purpose Cleaner
Journey Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish
Lemon Oil Furniture Polish
Lemon Spray Wax Polish
Metal Cleaner Polish
Metered Insecticide
Moisture Guard
Odor Neutralizer
Odor Neutralizer (Metered)
Oven & Grill Cleaner
Pace Metered Air Dispenser
Penetrant Lubricant
Safety Solvent
Silicone Lubricant II
Solvent Cleaner & Degreaser
Stainless Steel Cleaner
Sure Shot Wasp & Hornet
Utility Cleaner

Cleaning Tools - Brooms and Brushes
Broom/Brush Reference Guide

Carpet Care Products

Carpet Maintenance Solutions - All Products
All Purpose Spotter Daily Spot Remover
Anti Static Carpet Static Eliminator
Automatic Shampoo High Performance Carpet Shampoo
Bio Active Prespray Extra Strength Prespray with Enzymes
Bio Enzymatic Spotter Liquid and Wipes
Carpet Protector Stain Resistant Treatment and Protectant
Carpet Rinse Plus Mild Acid Rinse and Neutralizer
Citrus Gel Spotter Solvent Spotter
Coffee Stain Remover Coffee and Tannin Dye Stain Remover
Enz Odor II Cherry Almond Odor Counteractant and Digester
Enz Odor II Morning Fresh Odor Counteractant and Digester

Enz Odor II Pleascent Scent Odor Counteractant and Digester
Enzyme Spotter Protein Based Spot and Odor Remover
Extended Care Soil Resistant Extraction and Bonnet Cleaner
Fiber All Concentrated Extraction Cleaner
Fiber-Oxy Hydrogen Peroxide Fortified Multi-Use Cleaner
Foam Eliminator Defoamer
Liquid Defoamer Concentrated Defoamer
New Concept Ultra-concentrated Extraction Cleaner
Pretreat Plus (Prespray and Bonnet Cleaner
Red Stain Remover Red Dye and Greasy Food Spotter
Rust Remover Gelled Rust Remover
Soil & Stain Blocking Carpet Care System
Carpet Spotting Kit
Solvent Stain Remover Heavy Duty Stain Remover
Triple Sanitizing Deodorizing Extraction and Bonnet Cleaner
Collins & Aikman (Tandus) Approved Products
C&A_Approved_Cleaning_Solutions_Prespray_for Hot Water Extraction
Hospitals & Nursing Homes
Approved Carpet Care Equipment & Chemicals for Tandus Carpet
Tandus Cleaning Procedure & Frequency Guide
Food Service
Approved Carpet Care Equipment & Chemicals for Tandus Carpet
Tandus Cleaning & Procedure & Frequency Guide

Office Buildings
Approved Carpet Care Equipment & Chemicals for Tandus Carpet
Tandus Cleaning Procedure & Frequency Guide
Retail Facilities

Approved Carpet Care Equipment & Chemicals for Tandus Carpet
Tandus Cleaning Procedure & Frequency Guide
Schools & Universities
Approved Carpet Care Equipment & Chemicals for Tandus Carpet
Tandus Cleaning Procedure & Frequency Guide

Dilution Control System - Navigator

Navigator Portable Dispensing System
Navigator Sprayer/Foamer

#2 Glass Cleaner
#5 Non-Acid Bath & Bowl Cleaner
#7 Heavy Duty Cleaner
#8 Neutral Floor Cleaner
#9 Multi-Purpose Disinfectant
#10 Spray-Mist Deodorizer
#11 Auto Scrubber Low Foam Floor Cleaner
#13 Super Duty Degreaser
#14 Tough Duty Bathroom Cleaner
#15 Glass and Surface Cleaner
#16 Navigator/Cleanworks No Rinse Sanitizer
#18 Spray-Mist Floral Deodorizer
#23 Atlas Multi-Purpose Cleaner Degreaser
#24 Compass Neutral Floor Cleaner
#25 Infinity Glass Cleaner
#26 Summit Heavy Duty Cleaner
#27 Fresh Start Washroom Tub & Tile Cleaner

Cleaning Products

All Purpose
Pulsar Concentrated All Purpose Cleaner
Blue Thunder Floor and General Purpose Cleaner
Steadfast All Purpose Neutral Cleaner  
Blitz RTU Heavy Duty Spray Cleaner
Clear Out Concentrate
Clear Out RTU
Lemon Charge Dish Washing Detergent

Orange Attack All Natural Citrus Solvent Cleaner
Primo Multi-Purpose Cleaner
Propel All Purpose Cleaner

Steadfast Glass Cleaner RTU

Steadfast Oven and Grill Cleaner
Steadfast Pine Cleaner & Deodorizer
Steadfast Pink Dishwash Detergent
Steadfast Pink Hand Cleaner


Break Away Heavy Duty Degreaser
Cutter High Foaming Meatroom Degreaser
Scotty Industrial All Purpose Cleaner

2nd Shift Heavy Duty Industrial Degreaser
Appeel Natural Degreaser/Deodorizer
Orange Plus Hydro-Citrus Degreaser
Shop Clean High Powered Degreaser
Speed Clean Cleaner and Degreaser
Steadfast Cleaner & Degreaser
Enzyme Digestants
Alley Oop
Double Down
Bonita Multi-Surface Polish
Extra Point Stainless Steel Polish

Blue Bowl Cleaner Antibacterial, Antimicrobial
Blue Glass Cleaner Glass and Surface Cleaner
Counter Attack Non-Acid Multi-Purpose Restroom Cleaner
Emulsion Bowl Cleaner Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Mint Bowl Cleaner Virucidal Removes Stains and Hard Water Deposits
Royal Blue Bowl Cleaner Cleaner for Porcelain, Toilet Bowls and Urinals
Instant Mildew Stain Remover Removes Mildew Stains
Liquid Scouring Crème Liquid Creme Cleanser
P.S.T. Cleaner Cleans Disinfects Deodorizes Porcelain Shower Tile Cleaner
P.S.T. Plus Concentrate Porcelain Shower Tile Cleaner
Pleascent Clean Non Acid Bathroom Cleaner
Pleascent Scent Malodor Counterctant
Slap Shot Low Acid Bowl Cleaner
Shower Max Restroom Cleaner
Upper Deck Crème Cleanser
Disinfectants & Sanitizers
Ace 64 Neutral Disinfectant & Detergent
DC Plus Germicide Cleaner Foaming Non Acid Disinfectant Cleaner

DC Plus2 Detergent Disinfectant
DC Gold Disinfectant, Virucide and Cleaner

DC Mint Disinfectant, Virucide and Cleaner
DC Pine Disinfectant, Virucide and Cleaner
Dominator 64
Q-Pro Disinfectant - Sanitizer, Fungicide - Virucide - Deodorizer
Enz-Odor Liquid Bacteria/Digester
Fast Break Non-Acid Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner
Hang Ten Clinging Acid Disinfectant Bowl Cleaner
Pleascent Neutra Shine Disinfectant, Virucide and Cleaner
Hydrogen Peroxide Based Cleaners
HP-C3 Hydrogen Peroxide Citrus Cleaner

EarthCare™ Products

Atlas Multi-Purpose Cleaner Degreaser
Compass Neutral Floor Cleaner
Fresh Start Washroom Tub and Tile Cleaner
Infinity Glass Cleaner
Summit Heavy Duty Cleaner
Legacy Metal-Free Floor Finish
Take Down Low Odor Floor Stripper

RTU Blue Ocean Organic Acid Bowl Cleaner

RTU Green Clean with EarthCare
RTU Green Wave Organic Acid Restroom Cleaner
RTU Hyper Speed Peroxide Cleaner/Degreaser
RTU Maverick Super-Duty Degreaser
RTU Sunray Non-Ammoniated Glass Cleaner

SSS Synthetic Floor Cleaning & Restoration Process
Green Wave Organic Acid Restroom Cleaner
Hyper Speed Peroxide Cleaner/Degreaser
Maverick Super-Duty Degreaser
Sunray Non-Ammoniated Glass Cleaner
Recharge Gloss Restorer
Tornado pH Neutral Floor Stripper
Tundra Synthetic Floor Protectant
Wildfire General Purpose Scrub & Recoat Cleaner

O3 Professional Cleaning System


Air Blowers
Air Mover 2

Mach III
Carpet Care Equipment (Bobcat 10, Wildcat & Puma Air Mover) CS-901
Puma Air Mover (Manual)

AutoScrubbers Literature (Models: ACE 20BA, ACE 20B1/20T & ACE 26BA1/26T1)
Ace 20B1 Auto Scrubber (Manual)
Ace 20BA Auto Scrubber (Manual)
Ace 20C AutoScrubber (PIS)
Ace 20C AutoScrubber (Parts & Service Manual)
Ace 20C AutoScrubber (Operators Manual)
Ace 20T Auto Scrubber (Manual)
Ace 26BA1 Auto Scrubber (Manual)

Ace 26T1 Auto Scrubber (Manual)
AutoScrubber 26BA & 26T (PIS)
AutoScrubber 26BA & 26T (Manual)
AutoScrubber 20B (PIS)
AutoScrubber 20B (Manual)
AutoScrubber Literature (Models: Panther 18C & Panther 20B)
Panther 18C AutoScrubber (Manual)
Panther 20B Auto Scrubber (PIS)
Panther 20B AutoScrubber (Manual)
Panther 26T & 28T AutoScrubber Literature
Panther 26T AutoScrubber (PIS)
Panther 28T Auto Scrubber (PIS)
Panther 26T & 28T AutoScrubber (Manual)
Back Pack Vacuums

Speedster 600 & 1000
Apex BB-2 Battery Burnisher
Propane Burnishers Models TR-21, TR-24, TR-27 (PIS)
Propane Burnishers (20 hp engine) models TR-21, TR-24, TR-27 (PIS)
Carpet Care Equipment
Carpet Care Equipment Literature (Achiever 40 & 110, Hi-Flow & PS2)
Scepter PE 50
Scepter PE 120
Carpet Care Equipment Literature (Bobcat 10, Wildcat & Puma Air Mover)
Bobcat 10 Carpet Extractor (Manual)
Wildcat Carpet Spotter (Manual)
Puma Air Mover (Manual)
Floor Machines
Edger CS-341
Q-Line Floor Machines CS-343
XL Floor Machines CS-342
Floor Care Equipment CS-902
Cougar 17" & 20" Floor Machines (Manual)
Cougar 1500 UHS Burnisher (Manual)
Cheetah DC 2000 UHS Burnisher (Manual)
Black Cat 18 FMS (Manual)
Power Spotter 4, PS-4 (PIS)
Carpet Care Equipment Literature (Bobcat 10, Wildcat & Puma Air Mover)
Wildcat Carpet Spotter (Manual)

Vacuums - Single Motor Uprights
Commercial Vacuums CS-170
ProSpec Vacuums (PIS)

Vacuums - Large Area Models
Large Area Vacuum Model LAV-30
Vacuums - Canister Models
Stainless Steel Canister Vacuum Model SC-19
Wet/Dry Vacuums
Black Cat (Manual)
Intrepid 16 FMS

Floor Care

Floor Cleaners
Bump & Run Cleaner/Maintainer
Double Down Enzyme Enriched Floor Cleaner
Strobe Neutral No Rinse Cleaner for Everyday Use

Star Gate Spray Buff R-T-U
DeltaMild Organic Neutral Floor Cleaner (PIS)
Delta Ultra Multi-Dilution Environmental Cleaner (PIS)
EnzyFloor Biological Cleaner/Degreaser (PIS)
Enzysan Biological Cleaner and Deodorizer (PIS)
Enzysan 2000 Biological Cleaner and Odor Eliminator (PIS)
LinPol Organic Floor Cleaning Protectant (PIS)
LinPol Organic Floor Cleaner / Protectant Multi-Surface Floor Care Brochure
PolGreen Indoors Spray & Wipe Surface Cleaner (PIS)
PolGreen Neutral Low Foaming, Neutral Floor Cleaner (PIS)
Power Play Neutral Floor Cleaner
Savanna Concentrated Floor Cleaner

Turn Around Spray Buff
Wildfire Scrub & Recoat Cleaner

Floor Finishes
Alpha 17 Mid Solids Low Maintenance Floor Finish
Checkered Flag Floor Finish
Down Force High Performance Extended Wear Finish
Legacy Metal-Free Floor Finish
Matrix Ultra Ultra High Solids UHS System Floor Finish
Meteor UHS System Gloss Restorer
Miraquest Plus Ultra High Speed Floor Finish
Omega 20 High Solids Low Maintenance Floor Finish
Pacer High Solids Floor Finish
Slam Dunk Ultra High Solids UHS System Floor Finish
Starquest High Solids UHS System Flor Finish
Stratus Mid Solids UHS System Floor Finish
Turn4 Low Maintenance Floor Finish
Victory Lane Ultra High Solids Low Maintenance Floor Finish

Floor Gloss Restorer
Match Point Mop On Restorer

Floor Sealers
Baseline Acrylic Floor Sealer
Final Lap Hard Surface Sealer & Finish
Orion Seal/Finish for Stone, Concrete and Natural Tile Floors
Nova Seal and Undercoat
Tundra Synthetic Floor Protectant

Floor Strippers
Centaur Time and Labor-Saving No Rinse Stripper
Crew Chief No Rinse Speed Floor Stripper
Enforcer Heavy Duty No Rinse Floor Stripper
Lazer Edge Non Ammoniated Power Stripper

Mercury High Velocity Floor Stripper

Pit Stop Havey Duty Floor Stripper
Red Zone High Powered Low Odor Floor Stripper
Take Down Low Odor Floor Stripper
Taurus Heavy Duty No Rinse Stripper for Problem Floors

Tornado pH Neutral Floor Stripper

Floor Pads

Floor Pads, Hand Pads & Utility Pads
Floor Pad Recommendations Chart

Graffiti Removal Products

Comabt Graffiti Removal Products Literature Sheet
Defy Graffiti Remover
Frontline Graffiti Remover
Full Range Graffiti Remover
Heavy Armor Graffit Remover
Target Graffiti Remover
Warrior Graffiti Remover

Combat Graffiti Removal Kit

Defy Product Technical Sheet

Frontline Product Technical Sheet
Full Range Product Technical Sheet
Heavy Armor Product Technical Sheet
Target Product Technical Sheet
Warrior Product Technical Sheet

Hand Dryers

Hand Dryers
Xlerator Hand Dryer Specifications
Xlerator Green Certifications

Mats & Matting [top]
Quick Ship - Out in the Door in 24
Mats & Matting Solutions

Mops & Mopping Equipment

Your Guide to Mops
Blockade Antimicrobial Mops

Microfiber Mop System
Microfiber Mops
NexGen Microfiber Starter Kits
NexGen Microfiber System
NexGen Microfiber Systems for Clean, Healthy Facilities (CS-525)

Mop Care
Caring for Your Wet Mops
Laundering Cotton Dust Mops
Laundering Looped End Wet Mops
MicroPower Mops - Wash Instructions
Wet Mop Washing Instructions

Mopping Equipment
3M Easy Trap Literature
3M Easy Trap Technical Data
Mopping Equipment and Accessories
SSS Janitor Cart with Yellow SSS Vinyl Bag
WaveBrake Mopping System Literature

Odor Control

Air Care Solutions - Metered Systems
ALERO Air Care Solutions
Odor Management
OmniAir - Continuous Odor Management

Personal Protective Products

Personal Protective Products

Restroom Care

CareMaster Dispenser Installation & Instruction Sheet
GenieClean System (CS-420)
Manual Soap Dispenser
Merlin AutoFaucet with SST Technical Data Sheet
Merlin AutoFaucet with Surround Sensor Technology
Merlin Sanitary Waste System
TouchFree Restroom Solutions
Cleaners - see Cleaning Products-Restroom
ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals
ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals Competitive Comparison

Skin Care

Bulk Hand Soap & Specialty Products
Control Medicated Hand Soap
LHS Pink Lotion Hand Soap
Bella Pearlescent Lotion Hand Soap
Heavy Duty Hand Cleaners
FoamClean Counter Mount Dispensing System
FoamClean Hand Hygiene Station
FoamClean Lotion Skin Cleanser - Green Seal® Certification (CS-311)
FoamClean TouchFree Foam Dispensing System - M-Style (CS-304)
FoamClean TouchFree Foam Dispensing System (CS-312)
Foam Fresh CM System
Foam Fresh Hand Care
Foam Fresh TF System
Foam Fresh TF Ambre Antibacterial
Harmony Foaming Hand Soap
Foam & Liquid
DuoClean Foam & Liquid Dispensing System
Sanitizing Lotion
Protec-4 Hand Sanitizing Lotion
Support Materials
Protec-4 Technical Data Sheet and MSDS
Protec-4 Efficacy Data
Protec-4 Sample Demo Packets
Bag-In-Box System
Step-Up System
QSC Bag-In-Box System

Stone Care

Granite Gloss Maintainer
Granite Gloss Rejuvenator
Marble Dry Polishing Powder
Marble Gloss Maintainer
Marble Wet Polishing Powder
Neutral Stone Cleaner
Stone Impregnator Seal
Stone Master Cleaner & Protector
Stone Paste

Towel & Tissue

von Drehle Environmental Statement
von Drehele dispenser options

Wipers & Cleaning Cloths

Commercial Wipers & Cleaning Coths

Wood Floor Care

NewAge Sports & Commercial Wood Floor Care Programs (CS-255)
NewAge Water-Based Products
NewAge Double Overtime
NewAge Full Court Press

NewAge Oil-Modified Products
NewAge OMU 500/43
NewAge OMU 450/50
NewAge OMU 350/55
NewAge Specialty Products
NewAge Recoat Conditioner & Prep Cleaner
NewAge Replay Maintenance Cleaner